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This is what our clients say...

"Thank you so much for sending Rebecca. She was great at her job. I will be highly recommending your services at school. Thanks for the tips. I feel so much better knowing I’m 98% lice free and doing my daily comb through should make it 100% in a week’s time."

-A.R., Farrer Road

"That comb is magical."

-C.R., East Coast

"What a relief.  That was money well spent.  Thank you!"

-R.B., Bishan

"Before Lice Lassies I had no idea how to deal with lice.  Whenever a spot school check on my itchy child's head revealed some eggs I would dash to the pharmacy and buy that awful shampoo.  I'd rinse it out in the morning and hope for the best believing I'd done everything I could, but they kept coming back.  Now I know hot to get rid of them using nothing more than regular conditioner and the lice comb, how to keep them at bay with a weekly check and I feel much more confident that I know whether they're there or not!!!  I also have a lovely spray to repel them from the kids heads daily.  Because I have long, thick, usually unruly hair I would still have Lice Lassies check my hair if I feel some itching as it's my best fail-safe method.  A visit from Lice Lassies is well worth the money and really educated me and put my mind at rest."

-H.S., Holland Road

"I can't thank you enough for helping us get rid of lice."

-N.S., Wilkie Road

"This is a fantastic service and I can’t tell you the peace of mind that comes with getting this resolved quickly and in the convenience of your own home. Being new to Singapore and having never experienced head lice in children it was so comforting to have this service and I would highly recommend Lice Lassies."

-R.S., Grange Road

"Thanks very much for your help, we are all sorted.  Rachel was great to work with.  Keep up the great work."

-C.W., Grange Road

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